10 Feb

Apple Tablet Accessories for Gambling

One of the best things about gambling on an Apple tablet aside from the tablet itself is the amount of ways you can turn it into another viewing or playing experience. There are all sorts of accessories that allow for enhanced viewing and playing experiences, so below is a list of our favorites from Apple’s accessories lineup.


iPort Charge Case


This is a device used for both iPad with Retina display and iPad mini as a charger and stand. Inside the stand are magnetic strips that when pressed down from mounting the iPad triggers charging wirelessly. The device is light and thin so it can be taken anywhere to provide you the comfort of not using one’s hands in addition to preventing you from worrying where the next plugin or charging station is located.


Felix RoadShow Car Stand


This is a great device for mounting your iPad in your car both in the front and in the back as it can attach to the upper part of a seat. Rather than holding it all the time, one can now sit back and watch the reels spin effortlessly. This also makes for a great setup in one’s car where you can leave the screen turned on and periodically shift over to your iPad to make a move when waiting at traffic lights.


Outdoor Tech Headphones


These wireless headphones offer Bluetooth 4.0 sound that only needs to be recharged every 16 hours of use. They are a great way of hearing what is being played on your iPad but without the annoying cable hassle that often prevents people from wanting to use there iPad devices for functions other than reading.


iHome Bluetooth Speaker


Connecting to all Apple products including iPad, this Bluetooth speaker series weighs just over 2 pounds and blasts some of the loudest and clearest sounds for a wireless speaker set out there. The device is easy to transport and can be placed anywhere you please, making it a great device for slots players who want something that is mobile and high in quality.


The Moga Rebel Gaming Control


This wireless controller believe it or not provides many of the same click and touch functions the fingers perform when using the iPad and is one of the most popular choices for gamers. Try it out for various gambling games on your iPad and iPad mini to get the best results but it can also be used on iPhone.


The Importance of Accessories


Accessories for the tablet industry are crucial going into 2015 as the market is set to experience another on-year decline. There are many ways in the meantime that consumers can revamp their tablet experiences but they may require spending a few extra dollars for the above-mentioned products to fulfill that goal.


Tablet vendors instead should aim to make accessories a priority rather an accessory cost that is a burden on the customer. In a market that is declining vendors will need to look to increased solutions with value-added features in addition to competitive pricing to keep sales strong.


Currently, Apple has the largest market share in the tablet industry and can get away with selling products that enhance an already well-made product. However, for other vendors that are struggling to revamp their product lines they may need to consider a different strategy that doesn’t include adding more within a tablet but more that comes with a tablet.

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