28 Feb

Car Casinos – The Next Step for Gambling

More and more vehicles equipped with built-in displays are hitting the market and there are more talks of major vendors such as Apple who are aiming to build their own automobiles that will no doubt feature touch displays for maneuvering and controlling both in and out of car tasks. Built-in displays represent the latest mart control and design technology for gasoline and electric vehicles on the market and also fit in well with the newly emerging display world that is based on connectivity and convenience.


Vehicles like Tesla now come equipped with 17-inch displays that allow consumers to control everything from the rooftop to the suspension, lighting, seats, doors and locks, as well as the music, air and heating settings in the car. With a swipe of one’s finger or through automated voice commands consumers can now accomplish just as much if not more than what they could on a tablet or mobile device, bringing about new opportunities for software developers including gambling platforms to consider.


Mobile devices are thought of as a great way for the person on the go to accomplish tasks such as reading one’s email or reading an article without the need of a notebook PC but are largely limited to one using them while not doing other tasks, albeit many people do so at the risk of others. In-car displays however that connect online can achieve these same features and allow the driver to control what they read or see while still controlling where they get to. This represents a smart and innovative way at looking how to not only make vehicles more appealing but also how to bring about applications to a more convenient level.


A car such as the expected Apple Car or iCar will undoubtedly have screens throughout and will have wireless connectivity that will allow riders to access the Internet and play, read or do whatever with their favorite applications. These screens will most likely be able to access anything you have stored via cloud computing, so in the case of Apple accessing any applications, music or documents stored in iCloud, can be played seamlessly throughout the vehicle, allowing for users to no longer rely on tablets or mobile applications when in vehicle.


This means that passengers in the back seat could edit their music files or could get online to play their favorite gambling apps such as Royal Vegas. They could even set up multiplayer poker games in which everyone can access on a different screen or share with while riding. Children could make use of playing various games and for the casino adult player on the go they could play while at charging stations, stoplights or even access voice automation to ensure their safety.


The car could essentially become the new mobile casino that is literally doing the mobile work and not being mobile by the hands of someone else. There is also the possibility the cars will become even more self-automated than the already awesome automation features we see from Tesla, which means your hands may be completely free for playing a variety of casinos at ease while in the comfort of your car seat, AC and personalized music.

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