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Online Casino Deposits 101: Web Wallets for Dummies

Playing at an online casino for real money comes with only one guarantee. In order to win money, you’ll have to transfer funds into the casino at some point. There are multiple ways to get the job done, but the fastest, safest and most convenient way is to use a web wallet.

Advantages of Web WalletsIf you’re the smart-ass type, you’re probably thinking, “No, I don’t have to deposit to win money. There are ways around that, like free no-deposit bonus promotions.” Not to be a smart-ass myself, but if that’s your thinking, you’re wrong.

Even if you take advantage of a free no deposit bonus, and manage end with a profit once the wagering requirements are met, the operator is not going to allow you to withdrawal that money until you’ve confirmed your identity and eligibility to play. And how do we do that? We make a deposit.

So, with no further ado, let’s take a closer look at web wallets, and why you should use them.

Web Wallets for Dummies

A web wallet is a digital online payment system that allows individuals to transfer money between their own account and an online merchant, including gambling websites, without providing any specific financial details to the recipient. It’s free to sign up a web wallet account, and only takes a few minutes.

During registration, you will need to link the web wallet to a bank account or debit card. Any time you use the service to make a deposit the funds are instantly withdrawn from your account and delivered to the online casino.

Making a casino deposit is absolutely free. However, receiving money (getting a withdrawal) will come with a fee; usually a small percentage of the amount being withdrawn, capped at a maximum of $3 to $5. Obviously, you’ll want to investigate the web wallet and view the fee schedule before signing up.

What’s So Great About Web Wallets?

I’ve read time and again that credit/debit card deposits are the fastest and easiest way to make an online casino deposit. In reality, credit/debit cards and web wallets are equally fast, and you also need to consider your withdrawal method if you win. Not all credit/debit cards can be used for withdrawals—at least not for any amount that exceeds the original deposit—whereas web wallets can.

How Are Web Wallets More Secure?

Most people don’t enjoy divulging their financial information over the internet, because every time you do it, you’re assuming the risk of that information being stolen. Don’t get me wrong, online casinos are extremely secure, as are web wallets, but information swiping doesn’t always come from the end server. The fact is, the fewer times you enter your credit card/bank account information online, the lower your chances are of that data being compromised.

When you sign up with a web wallet, you only have to enter your financial information one time. From there, making a casino deposit is as easy as choosing the web wallet from the deposit options menu. From there, you’re directed to a secure login on the web wallet’s “https://” server. Enter your login/password, approve the payment and you’re all done.

Casino Bonus Promotions Linked To Web Wallets

Before you choose which web wallet you want to use, take a glance at your online casino’s promotions page. Often times, an operator will offer a special deposit bonus for using specific payment methods, such as an extra 10% match on all deposits made via PayPal.

We all want to get from point-A to point-B as quickly as possible, but taking a little time to research various web wallets and relative casino promotions before leaping in head first can help you get the most out of your online casino experience.

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