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The Lowdown on iDebit Canadian Casinos 2016

iDebit Canadian Casino 2016For decades now, online gambling has been a popular pastime in the True North. The legal stance surrounding Canadian online casinos remains in a perpetual state of motion. While officials continue to debate the legality of internet gambling from a regulatory standpoint, we’ve seen the appearance of more and more InstaDebit, or iDebit Canadian casinos in 2016.

iDebit is one of the nation’s most popular forms of paying for services over the internet. It’s fast, safe, secure and easy to keep track of in terms of deposits and withdrawals. Being such a popular and trusted payment method, today’s top Canadian online casinos are all offering this service in 2016.

Why More Canadians Choose InstaDebit

iDebit has become the number one choice for players of Canadian online casinos, and there are several reasons attributed too that fact.

iDebt For Canadians Only: One of the e-wallet’s most notable features is that it’s only available to residents of Canada. Unlike global payment processors, iDebit focuses all of its time, effort and resources on providing a quick, safe and positive experience for Canadian users. And with the majority of its clients using the service to fund online casino accounts, the process is streamlined for ultimate convenience.

Because Privacy Matters: For many users, including myself, privacy is of utmost importance. In Canada, there’s no regulation provided for gambling over the internet via websites that are located outside the country. Knowing you’re dealing with a reputable gambling site is one thing, but knowing that your personal and financial information is 100% safe and secure – that’s an assurance we, as iGaming patrons, should never be without.

Using InstaDebit’s online payment service means never having to divulge any financial information with online casinos or any other merchants we fund through the service. There are no credit or debit cards involved, either. InstaDebit is an eCheck service. Users must link their iDebit account with an existing checking or savings account, from which all deposits will be taken, and all withdrawals transferred back into.

Instead of entering logins and passwords or banking information on a casino’s website when making a payment, the user will be redirected to iDebit’s secure website to login and verify the deposit amount. The eCheck service will securely transfer those funds to the internet gaming website on the player’s behalf.

Instant Deposits, Rapid Withdrawals: As the online payment processor’s name implies, InstaDebit deposits can be delivered instantly to Canadian online casinos. Once a player confirms the purchase amount, the funds are available for wagering within mere seconds.

Generally speaking, iDebit casino withdrawals are incredibly fast, as well. However, while the service is able to move funds at lightning speed, the expedience of online casinos is another matter. Most Canadian online casinos impose a 24 hour processing period before approving a withdrawal, after which time the funds should immediately appear in the user’s iDebit account.

It should also be noted that some iDebit Canadian casino sites impose an 8-day waiting period between deposits and withdrawals for eCheck-related services, like this one. That means a player who deposits with InstaDebit would have to wait a minimum of 8 days before requesting a withdrawal. The reason for this is that eCheck-style deposits, although approved instantly, can take up to 8 days to actually arrive in the casino operators bank account. So essentially, they’re giving players access to those funds to wager with before they arrive, and protecting their own rear ends at the same time.

Low or No Cost: Unlike other online payment processors, iDebit charges no fees to users. The only fees you may incur might be charged by the Canadian online casinos you do business with (generally for withdrawals, if anything), or by the bank linked to your iDebit account for effectively initiating or receiving a bank transfer. You can check the payments section of your preferred online casino, or call your bank for more information on any fees that may be charged.

iDebit Widely Available: For all of the reasons listed above, you’ll find that iDebit Canadian casinos are readily available. Due to the payment method’s vast popularity with Canadians, just about every casino accessing this market provides InstaDebit as a preferred method of deposit and withdraw.

Signing Up an iDebit Account

Setting up an InstaDebit account is quick, painless and very straight-forward. Start by visiting www.instadebit.com. Note that if you are not physically located in Canada, you will not even be granted access to the website.

Click on the “Sign Up” option and follow the instructions, filling in your name, email and physical address. The last four digits of your Social Security Number are required for identity verification.

Next, you’ll need to link to a Canadian bank account (name and address must match those given upon signup). You’ll need to provide your account number, along with the bank’s routing number and branch number. These can be found on a paper check, or by calling the bank.

InstaDebit will verify the account by making a very small deposit into your bank. Once that deposit arrives (it can take a few days), log back to InstaDebit and provide the exact amount. When that’s done, your account is ready to use for deposits and withdrawals at Canadian online casinos.

How To Deposit with iDebit

While every internet gambling website is a little different, the process for depositing with iDebit is generally the same. Start by logging in and visiting the banking section. From there:

  1. Select “Deposit” from the cashier.
  2. Choose InstaDebit as your payment method.
  3. Enter the amount to be deposited and click Submit/Continue.
  4. In the secure pop-up window that appears, log into your iDebit account.
  5. Confirm the Deposit.

How To Withdrawal with iDebit

This process is similar to a deposit. From the banking/cashier page:

  1. Select “Withdrawal”.
  2. Choose InstaDebit as your withdrawal method.
  3. Enter the amount to be withdrawn and click Submit/Confirm.

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