3 Nov

Optimal Strategy for Mobile Blackjack Games at Tablet Casinos

Mobile Blackjack Games at Tablet CasinosSlot machines may be the most commonly played game at tablet casinos, but for players who want to optimize their win rate, mobile blackjack games are the superior alternative. Unfortunately, with so many options out there, it’s easy to make bad choices that will decrease your odds of making money before ever placing your first wager.

Today, I’m going to offer some great tips for selecting the right tablet casinos, and choosing mobile blackjack games with rules that offer players the highest win rate via optimal strategy.

Choosing The Right Tablet Casinos

This is the first – and most important – step in winning at blackjack. If you choose the wrong site to play at, you may find yourself playing on unfair software. Worse, a rogue operator could simply disappear with your account balance, or refuse to grant a withdrawal.

It’s imperative that you only play at distinguished websites that are licensed by a reputable jurisdiction. There are plenty of respectable tablet casinos on the market today, but make sure to do a little research before you make a deposit.

Personally, I recommend Royal Vegas. It’s been around for 15 years, is licensed in Malta, supports the vast gaming platform of Microgaming, and accepts all Canadian players.

Understanding Mobile Blackjack Games

Much like the tablet casinos that offer them, not all mobile blackjack games are created equal. The rules of each game can vary greatly, as can the pay tables. Pay close attention to what options are and are not allowed, and how much a natural blackjack is going to pay if you’re dealt one. These will directly effect the house edge.

First off, a natural blackjack must pay 3:2. If it pays any less (7:5, 6:5, 1:1), don’t play. This will increase the house edge by anywhere from 0.45% to 2.27%!

Next, you’ll want to play with as few decks as possible. Single-deck or double-deck is best, while 8 decks is the worst.

Here are some other player-friendly rules to look for (these are the ones you want to seek out most, in this order):

  • Dealer Stands on Soft 17
  • Double on Any Card Total
  • Draw to Split Aces
  • Re-Split Aces
  • 6-Card Charlie
  • Late Surrender

From here, you’ll want to implement a good, basic blackjack strategy. Do not deviate from the strategy. Maybe you’ll get lucky here and there, but the scientific laws of probability never favor bad decisions.

Let The Casino Work For You

This is where tablets casinos dominate the land-based market. I’m talking about promotional bonuses. Online operators are constantly giving out mass sums of free credits, not just to new players, but to their loyal members as well.

You can put these bonuses to work for you by topping up your bankroll with lots of extra wagering power. Make sure to read over the terms of each bonus before you accept, though. Many operators will restrict their largest bonuses to slots play only, and if you’re looking to play mobile blackjack games, that’s not going to do you any good.

Within the terms, you should find a section that relates to wagering requirements, and what games count towards them. Blackjack games may not count 100% towards play-through of the bonus, but so long as they’re not excluded entirely, you will be able to play blackjack with your bonus credits.

Best Canadian Friendly iPad/Tablets Casino

royalvegas Royal Vegas Canada has been our editor’s #1 pick for three consecutive years ! Great compatibility of course (iphones, mobiles and tablets) but also an exciting range of games and promotions. Excellent support teams and quick cashouts… What else to ask for ?

(Remember to gamble responsibly)

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