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Why Android Devices can’t beat iPhone Casino Games

There are thousands of Android and iPhone casino games in Canada’s vast market. The vast majority belong to the social gaming genre, where players compete alone or against friends for high scores, but can’t actually win anything tangible. A small percentage do offer an Android or iPhone casino Canada players can enjoy for real money.

iPhone Casino Canada

Mobile casino games have been growing in popularity ever since Apple introduced the first genuine smartphone in 2007; the original iPhone. Sure, mobile gambling was around for a few years before that, but playing the slots on a miniature screen, much less a flip phone, just didn’t have the same appeal.

When touch-screen technology came along, it changed everything. Instead of using phones for – what else – making phone calls, we began using them as little portable computers. They weren’t as fast as a desktop, and didn’t support nearly as many operations, but there was a clear demand for advancements in such technology, and it didn’t take long for electronics companies to supply it.

Today’s smartphones are capable of doing so much more – practically anything a desktop can do (aside from graphic-intense MMOs). As far as Android and iPhone casino games go, there are virtually no limitations.

For the most part, both smartphone operating systems offer the exact same experience. However, there are two distinct areas where an iPhone casino Canada players have access to is superior to the Android variety.

Similarities: Android and iPhone Casino Games

Android and iPhone Casino GamesThis categories covers almost every facet of mobile casino gaming. Both operating systems support HTML5, therefore offer the exact same range of real money casino games, so long as they are accessed directly from the operator’s website.

Mobile casinos aren’t built the way they used to be. No longer do developers have to refurbish each game, one at a time, for each operating system they want it to be compatible with. I remember when there were just a dozen or so games compatible with Android, and about half that for iOS.

Now, simply providing a game with Flash compatibility makes it work on pretty much any smartphone OS, including Android, iOS, Windows Phone, etc. While the desktop variety still offers a much wider selection of real money Android and iPhone casino games, the mobile versions are catching up quickly.

The graphics, the ability to securely deposit and play for real money, the number of websites supporting both operating systems – all of these features are mimicked for both Android and iPhone. There’s only two areas where these mobile devices differ, and for any Android user who’s a regular gamer, it might just be enough to convince them to make the switch to Apple iPhone.

2 Reasons to Choose iPhone Casino Canada

iPhone Casino CanadaIf there’s one shining distinction between Android and iOS, it’s the fact that so many mobile device manufacturers incorporate the Android OS, while only Apple products use iOS. This is the number one reason that Android is the highest selling operating system in the mobile market.

However, the majority of those Android devices come in very small packages, metaphorically speaking. Most have just 8GB or 16GB internal storage. They integrate low-capacity and/or cheaply made processors. In effect, their quality is well below that of Apple.

Some manufacturers, like Samsung, do offer higher grade smartphones, but they rarely go above 32GB, and you’ll pay a much higher price for it, (comparable to iPhone).

To put it simply, most Android devices are built for budget shoppers. Only the high end Androids come close to meeting the quality of Apple brand products; the majority of which come with 32GB, 64GB or even 128GB internal storage, and a much faster processor speed.

The speed and storage space of Apple products isn’t the only thing that makes an iPhone casino Canada users can play better than Android. This next reason has nothing to do with the mobile device itself, but the way iPhone casino games are delivered.

Real Money Apps on iTunes, not Google Play

In 2013, Google Play updated its policies on app availability. The new policy states:

We don’t allow content or services that facilitate online gambling, including but not limited to, online casinos, sports betting, lotteries, or games of skill that offer prizes of cash or other value.”

The policy specifically lists “Apps that allow a user to wager in order to earn real money” as a violation.

This does not mean that Android users can’t play real money casino games on their device. It simply means that they can’t download real money casino apps from Google Play. Instead, they’ll have to find an alternative app vendor to download such games, or play in a browser directly from the casino’s website.

Apple, on the other hand, does permit real money casino apps to be downloaded from its iTunes app store.

For the casual gamer who only plays once in a blue moon, it might not make much of a difference. But for anyone who enjoys playing iPhone casino games on a regular basis, having an app on their desktop that takes them straight to the games can be extremely convenient.

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