31 May

The Low Down on Real Casino Slots for Android

Real Casino Slots for AndroidThirty year ago, if you wanted to play real casino slots, you had to go to a real casino to do it. Twenty years ago, online casino gambling became available on desktop computers. Ten years ago, the first smartphones were introduced, evolving in today’s age of mobile gaming.

If you own an Android phone, chances are you’ve done some gaming already. There are thousands of gaming apps on the Google Player Store. The social variety are extremely popular, like Candy Crush, Words with Friends, Clash of Clans and Trivia Crack. There’s even free social casino gaming apps.

While these are undeniably entertaining, some of us prefer a more genuine gambling experience, with real casino slots, played for real money.

If you’ve never used a real money gambling website or app before, there’s a few things you’ll need to know before you get started. You probably have some security concerns, for starters. Then there’s the topic of reputable operators, single or multi-genre gaming, and those bonus promotions everyone raves about.

Real Casino Slots for Android – Security

In today’s modern age, people do everything on their phones, from basic communicating, to holiday shopping, to paying the bills. When it comes to security, your Android smartphone is an safe as you make it.

If you do anything related to finances on your Android, the phone should obviously be password protected. Never give out your password to anyone. You’ll also want to keep up with your phone. Losing it, or letting it fall into the wrong hands – not a good idea. But if it’s got a strong password, the person who finds it will have to reset it to factory to get into it, wiping out all your apps and personal info in the process. So you’ll be safe.

If you’re feeling timid about entering payment details on your Android, that’s fine too. Join an online casino on a desktop computer and make a deposit, then just use the login details to open the casino from your mobile.

Real Casino Slots for Android – Operators

There are hundreds of real casino slots operators out there. Most are reputable, some are not. If you’re unsure, go with one that’s been around for years and years, with no major or recent complaints. Check out online forums. Players love to talk about these things – the good experiences and the bad.

I like Royal Vegas Casino myself. Established in 2000, these guys know what they’re doing, and have a distinguished reputation to back it up.

Real Casino Slots for Android – Game Variety

Real casino slots come in two varieties these days, single-genre and multi-genre. A single-genre casino app will have one game type, such as slot machines. They may have just a few slots, or a few dozen slots, to choose from. Multi-genre casino apps come with a wider variety of games, like slots, blackjack, roulette, video poker, etc.

The single-genre type has become more popular these days, because the apps are smaller not everyone likes viewing table games on a smaller screen. If you prefer a wider variety, you can choose a larger multi-genre app, or forget about downloads altogether and go straight to a mobile casino website. You’ll get the largest variety of games this way. Royal Vegas Mobile, for example, has hundreds to choose from.

Real Casino Slots for Android – Bonuses

Last but not least, you’ll want to check out some of those big bonus promotions. All real casino slots operators have them. The first bonus is either applied just for signing up (the “no-deposit bonus”), or as an addend to your first deposit (the “first-time deposit bonus”). Operators who offer no-deposit bonuses generally follow that up with a first-time deposit bonus.

Deposit bonuses match a player’s deposit by a certain percentage, up to a max amount. A 100% up to $500 bonus is pretty common. The golden rule here is to read the fine print. All bonuses come with wagering requirements (how much you have to wager to withdrawal bonus winnings), game restrictions, expiration dates and other terms.

So long as you pay attention, and do a little research, playing real casino slots on Android can be a safe and entertaining experience. A little luck, and it could even be a life changer.

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