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Exploiting Visa Gift Card Casinos Canada

Learn the benefits of Prepaid Visa for online purchases and why it’s Visa Gift Card Casinos Canada players have come to rely on.

Visa Gift Card Casinos Canada SafeFor many, online banking comes easy. These people set up accounts, using one payment method or another to play at online casinos, make purchases, pay their bills, whatever – without a second thought. But for so many others, paranoia sets it the moment it comes time to enter any type of payment information.

What if this website isn’t safe? What if my identify is stolen? What if my account is being watched right now by the prying eyes of some duplicitous hacker, just waiting for me to enter a password or bank account number? Sure, it sounds crazy. What are the chances that, with millions of transactions occurring online every day, this is the one ‘they‘ are going to steal? A far stretch, perhaps. But it’s not like these things don’t happen, either.

As a very good friend of mine once quipped:

Just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean they’re not after you!”

Most of you are probably laughing, as I once did. But for those who are nodding emphatically—as well as the few who are slowly understanding the logic in that statement, despite previous chuckles—this article is for you. We’ll start by discussing some of the benefits of Visa Gift Card casinos Canada players can rely on.

Visa Gift Card Payment – 1-Time Use

One-Time Visa Gift Card Casinos CanadaExploiting a prepaid gift card is nothing like using a credit card or debit card. The payment data entry process is very similar, but what happens next is completely different.

All cards have a 16-digit number on them, plus a 3-digit security code and expiration date that must be entered. But when you’re done depositing with a credit/debit card, you put it back in your wallet or purse. A gift card can be tossed right in the waste basket, after you’ve taken out any aggression of the day on it with a pair of scissors.

Therein lies the beauty of Visa gift card casinos. Canada players never have to worry that their card information might be stolen, because even if it is, the thief can’t use it. So long as prepaid Visa cards are only purchased in the exact amount the player wishes to deposit, the card becomes worthless the moment it’s used.

Visa Gift Card Payments – Financial Anonymity

Online casinos employ the strictest security measures and encryption technology to ensure payment information is safe. The facilitators of payments—credit card companies, banks, e-wallets, etc.—do the same. But one thing they can’t offer is financial anonymity.

There are Visa gift card casinos Canada players rely on every day to provide that added element of security when making a deposit. All other payment methods require a link to another financial source, but prepaid cards do not.

For example, an eWallet like Neteller must be linked to a user’s real financial account, like a credit/debt card or bank account. That creates a direct link to the user’s sensitive personal and financial information. Visa gift cards are purchased at a bank, and must be linked to the user’s name and address, but are not linked to any real financial account.

Visa Gift Cards – Why from a Bank?

Reputable online casinos operate under strict regulations. They are required to verify the identity of their users, helping to thwart illegal activities like underage gambling and identity theft. As such, purchasing a Visa gift card off the rack at the local store won’t get you very far. And besides, over-the-counter prepaid cards can rarely be used for international purchases anyway.

Visa gift card casinos Canada players have access to will require the card be linked to the same name and address associated with their iGaming account. Purchasing the card from a bank makes this possible. When buying the card, simply ask that the name and address on your bank account be associated with the card, and that it be authorized for international purchases.

Using Visa Gift Card Casinos Canada

Depositing at Visa gift card casinos Canada is the easy part. Login to your account and head over to the banking section. Choose to make a deposit, and select Visa Gift Card or Prepaid Visa from the list of available methods.

Follow the instructions, entering the details associated with the card (number, expiration, security code, name and address). Then input the amount of money you wish to deposit.

Remember to deposit the exact amount of money on the card, then dispose of it properly. Reloadable gift cards are as vulnerable as credit cards. One-time use guarantees security, since stolen card info will be of no use to the thief.

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