21 Dec

Canadian Online Casino Gamers: Don’t become a Statistic

What statistics say about Canada casino gambling and addiction.

Canada Casino Gambling StatisticsNo one wants to become a statistic. It’s never a good thing. Researchers rarely take the time to report statistics on anything positive. For Canadian online casino gamers, knowing the statistics can be a perfect way to avoid becoming one.

Canada Casino Gambling & Addiction

According to the most recent studies and surveys, approximately 3% of Canadians are gambling addicts. Three isn’t much, right? It’s a very low number. But put a little extra thought into it, and it’s a dangerously high number indeed.

Think about it. How many people do you know? I mean everyone. Family, friends, acquaintances, co-workers, all of those people on your social media accounts. Chances are you know well over 100 people. But for arguments sake, let’s say you know exactly 100. That means, according to statistics, you know 3 gambling addicts.

That’s three people whose lives have been adversely effected by compulsive gambling. Three people who’s families have felt the horrid effects; potentially torn apart by it. Three people whose finances are in disarray, potentially sinking so far in debt as to never resurface.

The only difference between these 3 people and the other 97 you know is a lack of responsibility. Where a responsible person understands their limits, and the true odds of winnings and losing, a gambling addict does not. They are so obsessed with the thrill of a win – so certain that continued gambling will result in the big win that solves all of their problems – that they are too consumed by it to think clearly.

Be A Responsible Canadian Online Casino Gamer

There are several statistics that align with being a responsible gambler, versus an addict. By knowing these facts, and striving to play within the limits of responsibility, you can be counted among the 97% who are safe, wholly-entertained, problem-free Canadian online casino gamers.

$1,000 Per Year Bankroll

Statistics show the average, risk-free gambler in Canada spent about $1,000 in wagers last year. Pay attention to your spending, and the frequency of your trips to on-land and online casinos. Keep records of your spending so you can stay at or below the $1,000 mark.

Maintain Discipline

Any admitted problem gambler will tell you they have no discipline when it comes to managing their money. They may only bring or deposit what they can afford to spend, but when that’s all gone, they will use any means necessary to access more money, only to chase after those losses. This leads to debt, unpaid bills, property foreclosures, broken families, and in the worst cases, even prison. Stick to the rule. Bring or deposit only what you can afford to spend, not a dollar more.

No Boasting / Lying

In the earliest stages of addiction, gambling addicts have a remarkable tendency to brag about their winnings. As the problem progresses, they begin to lie about their losses as well. When you win, be thankful, not boastful. When you lose, own up to it. If you haven’t over-extended your budget, there’s no reason to be so ashamed as to lie about it.

Stay Aware

Never let yourself become so entranced by gambling that you lose focus of what’s going on around you. Many players, especially slot machine addicts, fall victim to what’s known as “the zone”. They become so focused on the game screen in front of them, they lose track of everything else, including time and money. Take breaks, look around you, go for a short walk. This will also help your bankroll last longer.

Know the Odds

So many compulsive gamblers truly believe that gambling is a way to make money. It’s not. There’s no form of gambling that delivers a positive expectation. No one is ever “due for a win”, no matter how much they’ve lost. Gambling simply doesn’t work that way. You should know the odds of every game that you play, and use that knowledge to your benefit. That way, win or lose, you can cognizantly and responsibly enjoy it for the form of entertainment that it is.

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