14 May

Free Blackjack for Real Money – It Does Exist!

How to play free blackjack, win real money, keep the cash.

Play free blackjack win real moneyMost people don’t think it’s possible to play free blackjack for real money. Admittedly, gambling doesn’t generally work that way. As we’ve all been taught throughout the years, you have to risk something of value for a chance to gain something of value. But if you know exactly what to look for, it can be done.

How to Play Free Blackjack, Win Real Money

I know of two ways to play blackjack for free and actually win money in the process. They aren’t common, so you’ll have to do some digging to find them. And it’s not all as cut and dry as it sounds either. But it does exist in the realm of online casino gambling.

#1 Blackjack Freeroll Tournaments

Online blackjack tournaments are offered on a regular basis. Casinos that promote the International Slots League, for example, host a weekly tournament schedule. However, they are not usually free to play, costing a few dollars to enter. The trick is to find a blackjack tournaments that’s labeled “freeroll”.

A freeroll tournament is one that invites players to join in the action without paying any real money to participate. The prize could be real cash, or bonus cash, which can be wagered like real cash, but not directly withdrawn.

Sometimes, blackjack freerolls are offered only to the newest members of an online casino. They may also be open to all members as part of a player appreciation promotion. In other instances, an operator may offer freeroll events to players of a high VIP status, or those who gain enough comp points in a set amount of time. The new member/player appreciation ones are best, because VIP tournaments will require real money play to generate the required status.

Players who compete in these freerolls and finish high enough in the prize pool can win real money this way. As I said, they aren’t easy to find, but they do exist!

New Player Blackjack Bonus Promotions

Again, this type of promotion is generally restricted to new members of an online casino. You’ll need to look for two specific aspects in the promotional terms. First, it must be a “no deposit” bonus, meaning you don’t have to make a cash deposit into your account to get the bonus credit. Second, it must be a “table games” or “blackjack” bonus.

Most no-deposit bonuses restrict players to slot machines and maybe instant-win games, like scratch cards. If table games aren’t an option, keep looking. And once you find it, be aware that you’ll need to complete some hefty wagering requirements—anywhere from 30x to 80x the amount of the bonus—before the winnings are yours too keep.

What’s the Catch? A Deposit is Always Required

There’s always a catch, right? That’s true here too. The catch is that, before you can ever withdrawal cash from any online casino, you will have to make an initial deposit. This is for the casino’s security (and yours), and simply cannot be avoided.

Online casinos (at least, the reputable ones) are under strict regulations. Just like a land-based casino, if a minor were to gamble with, and win, real money, they could face enormous fines and possible lose their licence. And you wouldn’t want someone to gamble with your stolen identity either! To avoid this, online casinos must verify the identity of every player. The easiest way to do so is to require a deposit, along with copies of identifying documents (drivers licence, passport, utility bill, etc.)

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