27 Aug

Realistic Games Launches Snakes & Ladders Deluxe Slot

Realistic Games launches a revision of their old board game online slot machine, Snakes & Ladders Deluxe.

If you were navigating online casino slots menus as far back as 2006, you may have come across a unique title from Realistic Games‘ called Snakes and Ladders. It was a mixture classic 3-reel fruit machine mechanics and of the family favorite board game of the same name. This month, Realistic launched an updated version – the Snakes and Ladders Deluxe Slot.

This latest creation is part of the brand’s current focus to upgrade its portfolio, not just with all new titles, but with refurbishments to their golden oldies. The classic board game theme was a big draw for players back in the day, but let’s face it – graphic and animation quality wasn’t capable of what it is today, and the universal OS optimization of HTML5 wasn’t even in the works.

Taking their greatest hits of decades past and revitalizing them for today’s market is a strategic decision that’s served them well. Reinventing their most popular game of all time, Super Graphics, as a modern series has worked phenomenally. No doubt Realistic Games will continue on this path of re-creation as they forge ahead into the coming decade.

Robert Lee, director of commercial affairs for the Realistic, said their previous Snakes and Ladders slot was “a favourite with both operators and players”. The game “has maintained its position as a top performer in our catalogue and will undoubtedly continue to deliver with the new polished look,” he said.

Lee correlates the games popularity with its “nostalgic board-game theme”, which he believes “resonates with all types of players”. By upgrading the digital slot machine “with the improved graphics, sounds and assets, Snakes & Ladders Deluxe makes a valuable addition to our growing collection of 3D titles.”

Snakes & Ladders Deluxe Board Game Online Slot

Realistic Games was sure not to deviate far from the original game’s path while rebuilding its digital foundation. The game mechanics are still intact, from the 3×3 reels and 5 pay lines, right down to the S&L, dice and fruity symbols. The ‘Repeat Chance’ feature also remains intact, as does the original game’s 95.01% theoretical return to player (RTP).

The new Snakes & Ladders Deluxe Slot can be played for $0.25 up to $100 per spin, delivering a maximum payout of 12,000 coins (at max bet). Lining up three S&L logos on a line awards the highest base game payout of 30x the line bet. Other symbols, in order of value (highest to lowest) include watermelons, grapes, bells, oranges and cherries.

Dice & Board Game Features

When a trio of dice appear on a line, it triggers the game’s Snakes & Ladders Feature. The screen alters to mimic the classic board game (but a bit smaller; 64 spaces instead of 100). In the bottom left corner are the dice. The player will tap on the dice to roll them, then move that many positions on the board. Just like the original game, players can climb up the ladders by landing on the bottom rung, or slide down the snakes by landing on a snake’s head.

The feature continues until a player lands on any position marked with a prize, ranging from 2x to 20x the total bet that triggered the feature. This ends the game, awarding the prize shown. Making it all the way to the final position on the board awards the Jackpot. If the player’s final roll happens to be doubles, the prize awarded will be doubled. That includes doubling the Jackpot prize.

The Repeat Chance feature is triggered whenever a player lines up three S&L logos (highest paying base game win), or wins the Jackpot in the bonus game. It is an automatic feature, not a “gamble” of the previous winnings. When activated, a single red die will roll on the screen, emitting only two possible outcomes, ‘Yes‘ or ‘No‘. The player taps the dice to stop them spinning.

If the result is ‘No’, nothing happens, the dice disappear and the game continues as usual. If the result is ‘Yes’, the player wins the same prize all over again, and another Repeat Chance takes place. This feature can repeat itself up to 9 times in a row, assuming the result is ‘Yes’ on that many consecutive rolls. After 9 repeat wins, the feature ends and the base game resumes.

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