18 Nov

iGamer’s Choice: Interac Online Casinos in Canada

Interac Casino Canada: The preferred online banking choice of discerning depositors in the Great White North.

Interac Casino Canada – Preferred Online Banking for the Discerning Depositor

It is not uncommon for Canadians to seek out an Interac casino they can trust, but it is a misnomer. Knowledgeable depositors are aware that Interac is a supremely discerning payment processor. Created decades ago by five of Canada’s largest banks, Interac will only do business with companies they deem worthy, and as you can imagine, the due diligence that goes into researching the worthiness of an offshore online casino operation is extensive, to say the least.

That being said, any online casino that features the Interac deposit option is, without a doubt, one that can be trusted. Interac payments are trusted by over 20 million Canadians who use the service to send and receive money. In 2018, an average of more than one million Interac transfers took place every day.

Interac Casino Canada – Why it Matters

In the following text, we’ll discuss briefly the unprecedented security of Interact casinos in Canada, and how this payment method is changing the face of the iGaming world north of the 49th parallel. The fact that Interac is a home-grown service, built by Canadians for Canadians, is just a small part of why it’s become the most preferred method for banking with online casinos.

Security tops the list. Financial institutions utilize the strictest, government regulated security protocols to facilitate all Interac deposits and withdrawals. Multifarious customer protections are in place, and those who use the service are subject to zero liability. Interac’s facilitators are renowned for employing state-of-the-art fraud detection procedures.

Second is convenience; something every Canadian can appreciate in today’s busy times. It doesn’t get much easier than Interac casino payments. So long as you have an account with any participating financial institution in Canada, you already have free, unlimited access to it, and will never have to share your banking info with the operator.

DIY: Interac Deposits & Withdrawals

To use Interac, you’ll need to be a member of an online casinos that offers Interac payments, and an online banking account with any one of the 250+ participating financial institutions of Canada. If you have a physical bank account, but do not use online banking, you can contact your bank to active the service for free.

How to Deposit

From the online casino’s cashier page, choose Interac from the list of available deposit methods. A list of all participating financial institutions will appear. Choose your bank or credit union from the list and press the appropriate button to continue. Your web browser will be redirected to your bank’s secure website.

You’ll be asked to log into your online banking account, as you normally would. From here, an Interac payment request will automatically load. You will be asked to enter the amount you want to deposit and confirm the payment. Once you’ve done so, the transfer will be processed, and the funds will be available in your casino account within moments.

How to Withdrawal

Interac eTransfer Withdrawals

To request a withdrawal via Interac, you’ll need to use the Interac eTransfer feature. You can’t simply withdrawal back to the simplified Interac payment method, since you didn’t supply the casino with your banking details in the beginning. Interac eTransfers, however, allow you to send, receive, and request money directly from a person or business.

Select Interac eTransfer from the withdrawal options and you should be given complete instructions. The instructions will include the casino’s Interac user name, and the answer to a security question. You’ll input your mobile phone number or email address and the amount to be withdrawn. Once you submit this info, the casino must facilitate the transfer on their end. Once they do, you will receive an email or text message to confirm the payment. As soon as you reply with the answer to the security question, the transfer is approved.

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