25 Feb

Who Employs the Best Live Casino Dealers?

Best Live Dealers in iGaming: Where can you find the most (insert your preferred quality here) dealers online?

Best Live Dealers in iGaming: Blackjack and Baccarat and Roulette, Oh My!

The live casino industry has grown phenomenally in recent years. Computers and mobile devices are more capable than ever. Internet connection speeds are faster, security is stronger, video and audio equipment is more sophisticated. With all of these technologies at peek performance, it’s no wonder live dealer games are finally receiving the recognition they truly deserve.

Think about it… how many years did online gamblers spend complaining that the RNG experience lacked the realism and social entertainment of a land-based casino? For how long was the integrity of these games questioned? We demanded a realistic experience. Live casinos came along to deliver it. Now, with technology and demand on the same page, it’s a superfluous win-win for everyone involved.

Where are the Best Live Dealers in iGaming?

Today, there are so many successful live casino suppliers on the market, it’s not a matter of which one has good games, but rather which one employs the best dealers? That’s not a simple question to answer, though. It all depends on what players are looking for in a dealer.

Some like em hot and sexy. Others want professionalism above all else. Other still seek charisma, friendliness, and/or a high degree of interaction. We’ll break this down by segments to help you find the right dealers for your style of gaming. Without further ado…

Hottest Casino Dealers Online

An attractive dealer won’t effect the outcome of your game, but it sure can make the process of playing more enjoyable. If you’re looking for a sexy lady dealer, Entwine Tech casinos have the hottest on the net. In fact, I believe looks to be the number one priority on the hiring list, followed second by dealing capabilities. They’re not bad at their jobs, mind you, but every one of them is so smoking hot, you may not recognize a mistake if they make one.

Outside of Entwine, I would direct you either to Microgaming’s Playboy branded tables, dealt by genuine, certified Playboy Bunnies.

For male hotties, it doesn’t get much steamier than Evolution Gaming. Oddly enough, Evolution does not hire on degree of attraction. What they do require is a clean-cut grooming and stately attire. As ZZ Top so famously put it, “Every girl’s crazy about a sharp dressed man!

Most Professional Dealers

This category goes to Evolution’s Dual Play live dealer games. Their dealers are not just studio workers. They work in a real, land-based casino environment, where professionalism is the difference between a regular pay cheque and the unemployment line. Evolution runs Dual Play table games of Baccarat and Roulette from a variety of terrestrial casinos, including London’s Grosvenor Victoria Casino, Malta’s Dragonara Casino, and the Grand Casino in Bucharest.

Most Interactive / Friendliest Dealers

Friendliest Live Dealers

If you’re looking for a high degree of action and reaction, NetEnt’s live casino games are a great place to play. They are trained in hospitality right alongside their dealing skills. You can generally expect a smile, a friendly greeting, and a ready willingness to converse with every socialite at the table. Coming in at a close tie for second and third are Playtech and Evolution Gaming dealers.

Most Entertaining Dealers

Last but not least, the most entertaining live dealers are on the payroll of Visionary iGaming. They seem to enjoy their jobs more than any other studio employees. Maybe it’s because there’s always high energy music in the background, giving them something to dance along to as they get the job done? Whatever it is, these guys and gals are a lively bunch. Give any one of these dealers a tip, and you’ll hear the entire studio clapping!

Best Canadian Friendly iPad/Tablets Casino

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(Remember to gamble responsibly)

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