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The Shockingly Easy Online Casino Sic Bo Game

Sic Bo: The other casino dice game players find too intimidating.

Sic Bo – The Other Casino Dice Game that’s too Intimidating to Play

Most casino games are easy to comprehend and play. We can walk up to any table or machine, watch what’s happening for a few minutes, and get a pretty good idea of how it’s played. But there are a few games that are notoriously intimidating; especially dice games like Craps and Sic Bo.

Craps has got to be the most famous of them all. Those who play absolutely love it. Those who don’t are far too intimidated to approach the table, much less place a bet. The biggest problem is the betting diagram. There are so many different bets that can be made, with so many different outcomes and payouts. The confusion factor for an uneducated player is at an ultimate high.

But Craps is not a difficult game to play at all. It just takes a little getting used to. The same goes for its cousin, Sic Bo; a three-dice game with a convoluted betting diagram that tends to throw novices for a loop.

Sic Bo: The Other Casino Dice Game

Sic Bo is a classic gambling game in which players bet on the outcome of three rolled dice. As you can imagine, there are a lot of wagering options. You can bet that one of the three dice will be a specific number, 1-6. You can bet on any doubles or any triples appearing. For a higher payout, at greater odds, you can choose a specific double or triple to appear. Alternatively, you can bet that the number will be odd or even, or higher or lower than the median.

Sounds simple enough, right? It is. The only thing that’s complicated is the layout of the table diagram. It looks like a mish-mash of dice and dominoes all shoved up against each other. But once you really stop to take a look, it makes a lot more sense. Especially when you begin reading the edge line, which details the payout rates for each bet. On that note, here’s a brief list of all Sic Bo bets, payouts, and odds (i.e. house edge).

Sic Bo Rules Bets Pays and Odds

Sic Bo Bets, Pays & Odds

BetsPayoutsHouse Edge
Single #, One Rolls1:17.87%
Single #, Two Roll2:17.87%
Single #, Three Roll3:17.87%
Domino (two #s, not doubles)5:116.67%
Specific Double8:133.33%
Any Triple30:113.89%
Specific Triple150:130.09%
Small (4-10, excludes triples)1:12.78%
Big (11-17, excludes triples)1:12.78%
Odd (excludes triples)1:12.78%
Even (excludes triples)1:12.78%
Total of 4 or 1750:129.17%
Total of 5 or 1620:141.76%
Total of 6 or 1515:125.93%
Total of 7 or 1412:19.72%
Total of 8 or 138:112.50%
Total of 9 or 126:118.98%
Total of 10 or 116:112.50%

Eliminate the Fear – Play Online Casino Sic Bo Game

If you still feel any trepidation about this “other casino dice game”, don’t play it in a land-based casino. Instead, try playing online. You can even play for free in practice mode. How many land-based casinos offer that perk?

By playing Sic Bo online, you’ll get the hang of it, and figure out whether you actually enjoy playing it, before ever risking any real money on it. If you do like it, you can convert to real money online play. Some live casinos – particularly those powered by Evolution Gaming software – even host live dealer sic bo games. It’s just like the real thing, but you place bets and watch the action unfold on your computer or mobile device.

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